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Dog breeds with big ears that stand up

Dog breeds with big ears that stand up


Candle flame ears in English Toy Terrier

16 Adorable Dogs with the Biggest Ears Ever

Classic German Shepherds have ears that stand up ...

11 Dogs With Big Ears

Blunt-tipped ear dog

Medium Dog Breeds to Choose From

black ears

Hooded ear in Basenji

BAT EARS look like they are almost too big for the dog. They stand up, and they nice and wide at the bottom. Chihuahuas have ears like this, ...

Rose eared Greyhound

big ear stage 2 ...

The Internet Is Obsessed With This Puppy With Mickey Mouse Ears, And Her Photos Will Make Your Day | Bored Panda

Small Dog Breeds


Crank's ears are starting to stand up. :)


A large breed, shorthaired, black and tan dog with large ears that stand up



Dog With Ear Flipped


Big ears = kyute! | Kyute Animals | German shepherd puppies, Animals, Shepherd puppies


Blunt or rounded ears in a mixed-breed dog.

Our dog Ronnie just turned 2! Nobody could have anticipated those ears.

Viper the German Shepherd, I'll be big soon!! Look how nice my ears stand up !

dog with very large stand up ears Stock Photo - 33197847


15 of the Frenchiest French Dog Breeds for Bastille Day

Ear Cropping: Is it Right for Your Dog?

Jindo ears always lean slightly forward and should not point straight up in the air as seen in these dogs.

... of the most popular farm dogs. With greater use of pesticides and the advent of larger-scale farms over family farms, their use as farm ratters declined ...

What big ears you have!

Side view of a tricolor black, white and brown dog with short legs and large

He Frenchie requires very little exercise and has an incredible big personality. French Bulldogs are very popular urban dogs. They are playful, adaptable, ...

Cane Corso Dog Breed Picture


11 Facts About French Bulldogs

Why are My Dog's Ears not Standing Up?

Jindo ears always lean slightly forward and should not point straight up in the air as seen in these dogs.

The 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds on the Planet (You'll Want to Hug One Right Now)

Small Dog Breeds

The Standard on Standing Yorkie Ears

Chihuahua puppy with big floppy ears. Many pet owners with certain breed ...

Taping Ears Up Humane Simple Safe Method that Works for dogs! Before & After Video HD - YouTube


henry's pocket dog ear

German shepherd ears not standing up! What can I do?

blue heeler puppy

Mixed-breed dogs are fantastically unique.

dog ear bat corgi. Bat eared Corgi

beautiful Yorkshire Terrier

One Ear Up, One Cute Pup

And, what about those ears?

This snorting, wrinkly-faced little character with a cinnamon-roll tail is one of my favorite toy dog breeds. He'll grow to be about 18 lbs (unless you over ...

All About The Mcnab Dog Breed

Shoeless Joe Jackson the black and tan ChiPin has very large ears and is sitting on

A Guatemalan Dogo with cropped ears

Originally bred as a gundog to handle big game like deer and bear, the “Silver Ghost” was a highly sought-after dog breed in its native Germany.

Training the Jack Russell Terrier

On a health level, dogs with un-cropped, floppy ears tend to be prone to ear infections and will spend more of their life on antibiotics as a result.

German Shepherd ears not standing


Your typical brachycephalic muzzle characterized by a flattened face, shortened nares, and often excessive

Group of Dogs Sitting Together


Cracking the Secret Code of Man's Best Friend

For some Yorkies, the ears have trouble standing up ...

Yorkie Chihuahua mix health issues

Sticking Out

Cocked or semi-pricked ear in a Collie

View from the front - A tan Russian Toy Terrier dog is standing on a white

Why People Cut Their Dog's Ears (And Why You Shouldn't)

They are also known as “Wiener” dogs and their long backed body paired with the short legs and dropping ears cannot be mistaken for any other canine breed ...

Close up - A brindle with white Siberian Boston is laying down on a couch and it is looking to the left. It has big perk ears that stand up and out ...

Beauty: Ears that resemble the outspread wings of a butterfly, a long flowing coat, and plumed tail all contribute to the Papillon's elegant grace.

When Will My Chihuahua's Ears Stand Up?

Chihuahua running through a field

The Cockapoo originates from the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle (miniature or toy).

Depending ...

GOMA - The Mickey Mouse Dog

Small Dog Breeds

Boston Terrier

Chinook Dog Breed Picture