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Funny responses to rude pregnancy comments

Funny responses to rude pregnancy comments



What to say when people make comments about your pregnant belly

How to answer stupid breastfeeding and pregnancy questions. Funny replies to rude ...

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If only I had thought of this response.I always say "a baby" lol

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Great comebacks for judgemental people

What to say when someone comments on your big nose

Funny replies when someone touches your pregnant belly

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How to handle rude comments from strangers during pregnancy

It. “

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10 Best Comebacks to Stupid Pregnancy Comments

I'm Good

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The Unbelievable (Real-Life!) Rude Things People Say to Pregnant Women | Real Simple


Comments in the last week-- "You're going to have a 10. Funny Maternity ClothesFunny Pregnancy ...

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Large Family Life

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How to Deal With Rude Questions During Pregnancy

These are so funny!!

Snappy Comebacks to the Question Are They Twins

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Funny things to say to mean girls

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JGI/Daniel ...

17 ...

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What to say when people ask if you're pregnant and you're not expecting

This is pretty funny because at six months pregnant, I already find myself fielding this question daily.

11. That was quite a kick in the nuts, Dennis. Are you going to be able to sit on your couch?


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Dealing with Coworkers' Inappropriate Pregnancy Comments


18. Ouch.

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7. When someone comes for you on Facebook but you've heard it all before:

14. But they just kept coming back for more.

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18 Rudest Pregnancy Comments We've Ever Heard

Pretty Obvious Clue, Mom.

They're usually right next to the pregnancy tests. If you're worried, remember – at least if he's gay you don't have to worry about him getting his ...

Wow and Other Unwanted Pregnancy Comments


8. Was the role-play accurate enough for you, Jasper?

22 Women Shared The Craziest Things People Said To Them When They Were Pregnant

Anyway, the triplets comment girl sent me a private message trying to explain herself. I don't think it helped.

that was fun

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The original message posted on Mumsnet from a user who was shocked at how rude people

Ultrasound Sonogram

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1. When Walmart needed to roll back their attitude:

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