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Shoulder seam alteration

Shoulder seam alteration


Forward shoulder alteration the final step.

The ...

Using the book, I could see that I have a forward shoulder - the shoulder seam lies behind my real shoulder. I also have a sway back and I took a tuck at ...

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Sugar Plum shoulder adjustment

Fitting an armhole requires fitting the bust dart, shoulders, and side seams .

How to lower or raise bust line on a pattern with a princess seam

How to Get a Great Shoulder Fit: Narrow/Wide Shoulder Adjustment

Alterations: Square Shoulders

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Some of this was armscye issues, but a lot was the slope of the pattern's shoulder seam.

Notice the shoulder seam should fit along the dotted line.

Forward shoulder alteration

Narrow Shoulder Alteration 9 Shoulder seam by annrowley, via Flickr

Pivot the second line inward to realign the shoulder seam.

Shoulder Seam Alteration with a Sleeve pt2

Tutorial: Altering a Sleeve for a Forward Shoulder Use these tips when your shoulder seam falls towards the back rather than centered.


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I read up on shoulder adjustments in the books Fit For Real People (Pati Palmer and Marla Alto) and another called The Perfect Fit (author listed as ...

Notice the shoulder seam should fit along the dotted line.

Suit Jacket Tailoring Guide


Forward Shoulder Adjustment

... extend centre front line and square a line from the highest shoulder point to the centre front. When using a pattern with a narrower shoulder seam and ...

Here's something new I noticed: the alteration to move the shoulder seam forward landed it in in the right place generally – but the slant front/back is ...

How to Adjust for Sloping Shoulder Pattern Alteration with Sure-Fit Designs™

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Step 2: Connect dots to fill in the seam allowance line.

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Plus Size Pattern Alteration: 7 Steps to Your Custom Shoulder Slope | Sewing tips, techniques and pattern making | Sewing, Sewing alterations, ...

This is essentially the one I did, with an added small shoulder adjustment.

If ...

Out went the seams. I flipped the shirt on inside out and pinned it to fit me.

Be ...

Illustration depicting pattern alteration of bodice for narrow shoulders

Pattern Reading, Altering & Drafting

Forward shoulder alteration - why!


Illustration depicting pattern alteration of bodice for broad shoulders

Extensive alteration required! Not for the faint of heart! 1 - Remove sleeve by unpicking the seams very carefully. Mark where the sleeve meets the shoulder ...

How to Do a Bust Adjustment

Let's get started.

Alteration successes

First, while the bride was wearing the dress, I found the shoulder seam at the top of the shoulder, and started my pinning there. I pinned the excess fabric ...

Method to shorten the shoulder seam. It maintains the length of the armhole seam while


A Guide to Suit Alterations

How to fit raglan sleeves with narrow shoulders // Clare Sewalong // Closet Case

You can also add or subtract fullness horizontally. For example, if you find you have excess - or not enough - fabric at the shoulder on the sleeves, ...

Illustration depicting pattern alteration of bodice for sloping shoulders

Tweed jacket with floral pocket square

Then I clipped the shoulder seam allowance so it could be manipulated into a new shape and stay flat. The width at the bottom was OK, so I tapered it to ...


When sleeves are too tight, remove them entirely; open the side seams and cut

Shortening at shoulder

Step 5: Cut through shoulder seam allowance down along red slash line 1, up to the seam allowance marker line but not through it. Cut through armhole seam ...

Image titled Alter a Shirt Step 1

Adjusting the sleeve shoulder seams. One of the versions of the Francoise dress features two-piece raglan sleeves. Since our shoulders are different shapes, ...


Here's my altered back bodice piece where I cut open the back in a few places so I could move the shoulder seam forward by half an inch.

vintage suit ad advertisement from newspaper illustration

Shoulder Fitting Adjustments When Sewing

Trim up excess thread, turn blouse inside out, and repeat with the other shoulder seam.

Pattern Fitting with Confidence by Nancy Zieman. How to adjust a pattern to fit narrow

Now ...


J Stern Designs l Quick Tip: How to Shorten the Shoulder Seam on a Constructed Garment

(2) ...

sway back alterations – my analysis

Step 6: Cut along blue slash line 2, up to the seam allowance marker line but not through it. Cut through seam allowance at the corner, up to the marker ...

If you make a pattern that begins at the same place at the shoulder seam as your existing pattern, you do not need to make any alterations to the back ...

example of big bust armhole problem

Wide/Narrow Shoulder Adjustment

Draw a new armhole

Fitting problems and solutions | Aprender !!!!! | Pinterest | Fashion sewing, Sewing and Sewing alterations

This ...

Next we need to construct raised corners at the back of the dress to attach shoulder straps. Those corners serve to cover up the excess of skin in the area ...

As this affected the armhole size I increased the seam allowance at the back of the armhole, then made sure to add this amount back on to the underarms of ...

Add the seam allowance to the armscye and shoulder seams.

Bodice back with seam allowances and horizontal reference lines marked.

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Ensure All of Your Clothes Fit Perfectly

Fit Fix - A Clothing Alteration Tip!

A) The Shoulders

See how all the clips at the shoulder seam are in the seam allowance, but the seam is the same length?

Above you see the added wedge at the shoulder, and you also seen that I have overlaid the side front pattern piece onto the center front piece.


My Husband's Shirt: Flat Fell Seam on Sleeve

I tried some of the advice and increased the back dart, made a square shoulder alteration, and shifted the back shoulder seams over.

Alterations "dark side"

Coat Alterations in London