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Why does my dog bow his head to me

Why does my dog bow his head to me


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... presented to me in a wrapped box, with a red bow on his head. It was love at first sight. He really is a cuddly bear. So full of joy and happiness.

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He's deaf, so we do signs with him. They're both very smart! I can't believe he let me put my present bow on his head.

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Pictures ...

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Spring and summer are often the most uncomfortable times in the year for dogs.. Uncontrollable scratching leads to hot spots, skin abrasions and even hair ...

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Reminded me of my sweet EZ Boy...! I might just have to dress him up for family pics:)

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A little OTT for me. Christmas sweater, a red bow on my collar and now a bow on my head?!?!?! My style is classic, not garish!

The following methods should alleviate some of the issues you may face when meeting new dogs and people.

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A hungry dog looking up from his food and water bowls.


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he's trying to get caught up on his sleep ~

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swallowed objects

Golden Retriever Dog

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